WISe Wireless Initiation System – Dual Combination Remote Kit

מכשיר הפעלה אל חוטי משולב חשמלי ו NONEL מדגם – WISE של BLASTER ONE

מכשיר הפעלה זה מסוגל להפעיל עד 400 OHM בפיצוץ חשמלי או שני מעגלים לא חשמליים (NONEL).

  • מוצר זה נבנה בהתאם לדרישות הלקוח ונתון לזמני אספקה משתנים.

Presenting WISe™, from BlasterOne:

WISe™ is a compact, lightweight, high-energy Wireless Initiation System, purpose-built for EOD and Tactical use. Designed with security, performance, and simplicity in mind; WISe™ makes it easy and affordable to outfit your team with a dependable remote initiation system. Digitally secured, Spread Spectrum technology uses 128 Bit AES, and rolling code linking to ensure that only the linked pair ever communicates.
The Remote’s small size makes it perfect for attaching to smaller “tac-bot” robots, and is remarkably convenient when paired with a disruptor. Outputs for both dual shock tube and electrical blasting (including electric breech) are included in one convenient module. The Controller features ambidextrous, one-handed operation, and can fit in a radio pouch.

Tactical entry teams benefit from no longer having shock-tube or lead wires to trip up the Stack.

Placing the Remote closer to the charge (but still protected) allows the Breacher to safely initiate the breach without interfering with the Stack’s movement. Shortening the length of shock-tube or lead wires also saves money.

Features & Specifications (Pre-Production Specs; Subject to Change) :



No programming required, and less than 15 seconds from Off to Ready-to-Fire

1) SELECT: turn Remote selector switch to EB (electrical blasting/electric breech) or ST (shock tubes)
2) CONNECT: connect blasting load after Link LED starts flashing
3) LINK: generate a Secure Link by pressing, and immediately releasing Arm button; wait for solid Link LED
4) ARM: click and maintain Arm button; wait for the “ready-to-fire” vibration, and Arm LED (~5 to 7 seconds)
5) FIRE: maintain Arm, and click Fire button; once fired, release both buttons


Factory-paired set only share half-duplex communication with each other, and only after linking Requires two separate and distinct operations to fire, and cannot fire until fully charged If the Arm button is released (prior to pressing Fire) the Remote instantly aborts, and returns to a safe state The Remote auto aborts if communication is lost with the Controller for a specific period of time A Built-In Test confirms safety and functionality before connecting the explosive train; locks-out controls on a fault


Very small, “tac-bot” mountable Remote; quite handy for disruptors too – easily moved between platforms Ambidextrous, one-handed Controller; fits in radio pouch DCR Fires Nonel (single, or dual), Electrical, or an Electric Breech Remote has unique, tri-mode power options: internal rechargeable battery; external battery; or AC Adapter Remote has a built in smart charger for recharging its battery in as little as two hours Displays blasting resistance on a Geometric-scale bar graph, from 1Ω to 400Ω (when Remote is in EB Mode)


360 VDC @ 12 Joules (average) Firing Energy Internally Shunted and load protected Fires up to two shock tubes, up to 75 EBCs, or an Electric Breech; without changing or rotating blasting terminals

· Radio Features

ModulationFHSS 900 MHz (also available in 2.4 GHz – it is up to the customer to request proper frequency)
Security128 Bit AES; Rolling Code at Link, and after each use
Error Correction16 Bit CRC
TX Output Power250mW
Range *Indoor – up to 700’     Urban – up to 1600’     Outdoor/LOS – up to 4000′
FCC IDMCQ-XB900HP (US 900MHz license, Non-US licensing available upon request)

· Kit Features

 DCR-1 RemoteTRC-1 Controller
Size(without antenna)3.25” x 4.25” x 1.75” (82 x 108 x 45mm)2.8” x 5.25” x 1.4” (71 x 133 x 35mm)
Weight(including battery & antenna) 16.25 ounces (354g)10.25 ounces (284g)
EnclosureDesert Tan powder coated aluminum; black glass-filled nylon
Ingress protection is IP65 Compliant
Primary Power Source7.2V 1000mAH rechargeable NiMH pack9V Battery
Alternate Power Source9V battery (provides at least 1 shot) or AC adapterNA
Battery LifeUp to 3 days standby, or up to 100 shots before recharging100+ shots (conservatively)
Kit Includes(1) DCR Remote; (1) TRC Controller; (2) 1/4-wave articulated antennas; (1) ea. AC & 9V adapters; Instruction Guide; and (1) form-fitted, rugged case

· Firing Capacity

NonelUp to two shock tubes (2.85mm or 3mm – shock tubes fire simultaneously)
Nonel Initiation MethodTwo Firebolt II radial-electrode plasma emitters (easily replaceable, 1/8″ Phone Plug style)
Electrical CapacityUp to 75 standard EBCs (up to 400 ohm total load)
Electric BreechSafely fires an electric breech in under 100ms – releases even if FIRE is maintained
Electric Ignition Method360 VDC @ 12 Joules (avg.), delivered through two shielded Push Posts

Information is subject to change without notice
*Conservative distances. Subject to antenna height and gain, surrounding structures, and atmospheric conditions