Black Lotus provides advanced services in the field of explosives engineering in every aspect of the construction and quarrying industry, from the stage of project planning to its successful completion. Our company specializes in every nuance of the field, whether it is laying infrastructure, tunneling, excavations or demolishing buildings. We operate in every terrain possible, whether in dense populated urban areas or hard to access rough terrains.


Our services in this area include:

  • Preliminary consulting for working with explosives in quarries
  • Close escort through process of issuing statutory licenses
  • Site monitoring by authorized institutes (ground/air vibrations) as part of issuing a site permit.
  • Receiving permits required by law
  • Leasing fly rock protective means
  • Engineer planning and execution of explosives detonation
  • Continuous blasting services for quarries
  • Transportation and carriage of explosives
  • Reinforcement services for quarries of explosives trained personnel for complex projects.