Drilling Services

Drilling is the most important foundation for a successful detonation work. Professional and accurate drilling allows efficient results and maintaining necessary safety standards alongside economic saving and maximization of the effect of the detonation actions.

Black Lotus has a vast experience in the drilling field in all sorts of rock and terrain, in official quarries, complex construction projects, urban areas and out in the field.

Our drilling teams have an accumulative experience of 35 years in the field using two main types of drilling machines:

  • Drifter drills
  • DTH drills

* The diameter of our drilling is between 3.5" and 6.5".

 The drilling projects are executed according to a drilling plan (Matrix) produced by Black Lotus professionals that takes into consideration the terrain, sort of rock and project location (built-up area/open area). If the project already has a drilling plan (Matrix), our professionals will execute the plan and offer alternatives if needed.